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Tappan Digital Download Library.
Check out and download bestselling titles to your PC or Mac or install the app on your tablet or smartphone, then transfer to a portable device or burn to a CD. Enjoy anytime, anywhere.
All you'll need to access the Digital Download Library materials are:

• Your library card number
• Internet access
• One-time free software or mobile app download OR a web browser that supports HTML5 and CSS such as Chrome or IE10.
Want more info? Please visit our Digital Download Library Information Center to learn more.

FREEGAL We have joined with Freegal to provide free access to the entire Sony Music catalog of legendary artists. All registered Tappan Library cardholders will have full access to hundreds of thousands of downloadable songs. These downloadable MP3 music files and MP4 video files will come to you at no additional cost and are as simple to download as other music downloads you are already familiar using. To give everyone an opportunity to take advantage of this program, each cardholder will be limited to 3 free MP3 downloads or 2 free MP4 downloads per week. Once you download a song, it’s yours forever, no need to return them!


Will the songs downloaded work on the Android-powered tablet or smartphone or the iPhone, iPod or iPad?
Is there a Freegal app?

INSTALL THE FREEGAL APP. Freegal is free and legal mp3 music files that you can download directly to your Apple device and keep forever. Choose from popular and legendary artists from the entire SONY music catalog.

Download up to 3 songs per card per week. You can download Freegal, our link to Sony's music catalog from the Apple App Store (compatible with iOS 3.0+).

INSTALL THE FREEGAL APP. Freegal is free of digital rights restrictions and legal mp3 music files. This means you can save them to a flash stick and transfer them back to a computer and never return them. The app will also write to an SD card or USB.

Download up to 3 songs per card per week. You can download Freegal, our link to Sony's music catalog from Google Play (compatible with Android 2.0+).

What about Freegal for iPods?How do I get the songs into iTunes?
The easiest thing to do is to download the files to your desktop or your music folder. Import the song into iTunes by either dragging the song into the window or importing it from the menu. The song is now added into your library. Next time you synch up, you will see that song in your music library.

Can I back-up my Freegal mp3 files in iTunes from my device?How do I get the songs into iTunes?
Connect your iOS (Apple) device to your computer. Once your device is connected, open your iTunes application and browse the left-hand side for "devices." Click on your device. At the top of the screen you will see an option for "Apps." Select "Apps" and scroll down to select the Freegal app. Once selected you should see your mp3 files. Drag the files to your desktop and then drag and drop the songs into iTunes.

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