• Introducing a new service...
    Personalized Orders 2 GO!!!
    PO2GO is a service designed for those who attend ongoing weekly/monthly programs ensuring you never leave empty handed again. Based on your interests
    we will customize selections for you and have them
    ready 2GO in time for your next visit. 
    Its like having your very own personal librarian
    working directly for you!

  • If you are physically unable to travel to the library due to illness, age or disability you can still enjoy library services by using our Books By Mail program.
    If eligible, you will receive books via the US Mail at absolutely no charge and they will arrive direct to you home. Click the mailbox for a for a form and details.

  • Tappan Library cardholders in good standing with a valid Library card can check out our muesum passes for the Intrepid and/or the Guggenheim.
    Our passes are available on a first come, first served basis. 
    Call or stop by for more info.

TODAY, Tuesday, April 25th we are asking voters within the SOCSD's voting district #3 to come to the library to vote on a referendum to increase funding.
 We have prepared an informational pamphlet which can be found by clicking in this link. You can also stop in for a printed copy of the pamphlet if you prefer.

Photograph series "Thailand" by Miriam Pedraja
Display Case: Basket Collection by Florence Katzenstein